About us

Grupeixe was founded in 1993 by José Cachide, who, at that time, already had 20 years of experience in the sector. Throughout its history, using the most modern techniques, whilst always maintaining the knowledge and centuries-old processes of traditional drying, Grupeixe has sought recognition for the quality of its products and not for mass production, offering its clients a cod of excellence.

Working essentially with raw material from the North Atlantic and Norway, Grupeixe has grown steadily and has become a reference in the production of dried salted cod, never neglecting the size requirement, the necessary drying time and implementing a drying process which continues to comply with all legal provisions and the high level of client demand.

In June 2019, the company, Vinnslustöðin hf (VSV), acquired Grupeixe, thus assuming absolute control of the entire production chain, from the fishing of the cod in the Icelandic seas to the end of its production, ready to be served at Portuguese tables. This was the first and, to date, the only investment by an Icelandic fishing company in the acquisition of an industrial facility in Portugal.

Today, Grupeixe is the Portuguese company which holds the largest quantity of Icelandic cod and the only one with the capacity to implement improvements in all stages of the production process, in order to guarantee the traceability and quality of our cod like nobody else.

VSV was founded in 1946 by 105 fishermen in the Westman Islands. Since then, it has never stopped producing wet salted cod, which for many decades was sent to Portuguese companies.

Through this acquisition, Grupeixe has gained a deeper knowledge of the art of fishing and salting cod. It has also acquired total control over the processes and is able to guarantee the quality of the final product, with the focus being on the continuous improvement of the art of producing cod.

VSV has grown and is currently one of the largest Icelandic fishing companies, with 350 employees and a fleet of eight vessels. It fishes various species whilst complying with all the seal requirements and sustainability criteria to safeguard the oceans and their resources.

Sustainable fishing

VSV operates a strong fleet of ships, built to withstand the wild conditions of the Westman Islands and the Icelandic seas. All personnel operations on board ensure that, immediately after being caught, the fish is brought to the ideal temperature and quickly arrives at our facilities for immediate processing. Thus, we guarantee that the cod does not lose its properties and is splitted at the ideal moment.

With sustainability always being a priority, VSV vessels operate with appropriate fishing methods in order to limit their environmental impact. Together with our colleagues from other Icelandic fishing companies, we are proud to say that we are already meeting the carbon reduction targets for 2030, as proposed by the Paris Agreement.

When the cod is supplied from other sources, we maintain our policy of only buying from producers who guarantee freshness, sustainability and respect for the environment, validating their environmental responsibility.


Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua) is part of our national identity and undoubtedly represents Portugal as part of its symbolic imagery. It brings together families, friends and strangers at the table, a mandatory staple in the rich Portuguese cuisine, combining its unmistakable flavour with all the nutritional properties of a healthy food.

From splitted cod of different sizes and origins, to migas (cod chunks) and by-products, to desalted frozen cod, we want to guarantee the availability of the product to our clients. Discover what we do best, never forgetting that, in Iceland, we have total control, from fishing to the final product.

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